Poop & the Perfect Mom

Poop landed on my floor three times in two weeks.

We’ve been in the throes of potty training, and in the meantime our little one-year old experienced digestive issues which resulted in a few explosions. Yesterday, we found poop on a wheel of Josiah’s indoor scooter. Disgusting.

And yet last night, when I asked Josiah’s favorite part of the day he answered, “touching the poop.” At least we make touching poop fun around here! We then giggled a lot, because, well, poop is funny.

As I left his room last night, still laughing at potty humor, I felt encouraged. I’m a good boy mom.

I dislike bugs and snakes. I hate sweating or getting dirty. But, tooting and giggling about it? That’s my forte. I laugh at what little boys laugh at. And God knew I would.

Back in 2017, when we discovered I was destined to be a boy mom, I felt trepidation. I remember thinking, “I’ve never been a boy before. I don’t know what to do with a boy.” Leaning heavily on my faith and what I understood to be true, I trusted God knew best. I reminded myself frequently God would prepare me to be a boy mom. He did.

And God knows the kind of mom you are. He knows your personality and your gifts. He purposely gave your children to you, and you are the perfect woman for the job. It’s not an accident that you’re a girl mom or a boy mom or a twin mom or a special-needs mom. You are their mom because God ordained it from the beginning (Psalm 139:16).

So, give grace to yourself. Tell yourself you’re a good mom. You’re not perfect, but you are doing your very best. Lean on Christ to cover your imperfections.

And when you have poop on your floor, laugh. And use Clorox wipes.

12 thoughts on “Poop & the Perfect Mom

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! At least there’s a positive to having to clean up human excrement, haha! Thank you so much for reading & commenting!

  1. That was GREAT Katie Baby! I guess I didn’t screw you up too bad. I’m so glad I didn’t let Uncle Raymond leave you on the side of the road. 😂😂😂

  2. Happy to be long past the potty training stage, still really enjoyed this blog! Laughing helps a mom get past many trying moments. Thanks for the reminder that God ordained you to be your children’s mom from the beginning. A good reminder, even when your children are grown!

    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement! I definitely always love to laugh, so I’m hoping that helps a lot with the hard parts of motherhood, ha!

  3. Ooh so good! I am a mom of three (girl, boy, girl) and God knew exactly what He was doing by giving us both. I love being a mom and going through all the different stages. I absolutely LOVE the personalities that our three exhibit and how they keep growing and changing into who God created them to be. Keep writing Katie! You are a good mom! ❤️

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